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Streamline IT processes from implementation to release, analyze software usage, optimize licenses, and facilitate rapid feature adoption across your tech stack. WalkMe takes the friction out of digital change, fueling growth and innovation while reducing IT complexity and cost.

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Stay ahead of change.

You're at the forefront of technology, and your job is to ensure that your org is as well. Your team must navigate new and constantly changing technology while considering the impact on every system and process. Maximize investments in technology, enhance user experience, and eliminate friction in any application or workflow with WalkMe.

Deliver on the promise of change.

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Modernize with ease.

Make outdated and underutilized software a thing of the past. Identify solutions and guide users through change to stay ahead of evolving technology.

increase in employee self-sufficiency.
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Future-proof your org.

Track change to ensure end users are abandoning outdated processes and technology. Ramp up on new, sanctioned processes and tools for a more sustainable org.

increase in task completion rates for business-critical apps.
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Take control of your tech.

See exactly what you have and how it's used to rationalize your software portfolio. Act on that visibility to safeguard privacy, manage risks, and ensure compliance.

decrease in support tickets.

A birds-eye view of your tech stack.

Get full visibility into your applications to really understand user challenges and pinpoint software inefficiencies.

Get more from your tech.

Make IT processes more efficient with the data to drive change and optimize workflows, software licensing, and investments. Drive meaningful change and maximize software ROI.

Take advantage of change.

Simplify new software rollout, app migration, and employee onboarding. Eliminate ineffective training and promote self-service, easily setting your org up for success.

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From chaos to clarity: Drive software adoption with full tech stack visibility
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From chaos to clarity: Drive software adoption with full tech stack visibility

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