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Employee solutions

Data Integrity

Drive operational efficiency and mitigate risk with improved data accuracy. Prevent and correct errors with WalkMe.

Gain visibility into software usage.

Understand friction points and deploy elegant solutions driving users to success.

Improve data entry.

Proactive alerts help users detect errors in real time saving time and frustration.

Streamline workflows.

Automate critical business processes to ensure quick and accurate completion.

How it works

Make better decisions based on accurate data.

Take proactive steps with WalkMe validation safeguards and automation to prevent errors before the are made, improving decision-making ability, boosting performance, and driving business goals.

The Challenge

Poor data control puts businesses at risk.

Unreliable, missing, and inaccurate information results in far-reaching, costly consequences for businesses including reduced productivity, missed opportunities, and regulatory issues.

Thermo Fisher Scientific uses WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform to boost employee productivity and data control.


Reduction in support tickets


Employee hours saved daily


entry errors prevented in 6 months

The data validation feature that helps users spot inconsistencies or incorrect names at the point of entry prevented more than 3,000 entry errors within the first 6 months of use.

Michele Giacomuzzi

Manager, Sales Enablement, Thermo Fisher Scientific
The Solution

Improve data entry and accuracy

Unlock visibility into workflows to uncover where users struggle and make mistakes. Take immediate action to prevent errors with validation alerts and automation across applications improving data integrity and mitigating risk.

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